About us

We help the collective to build a stable foundation for our future

The Think Tank Collective Ltd is an organisation formed by a group of contemporaries from the African diaspora, working across a range of professional service industries with a passion for a growth mindset and investing in communities to enable progression in all forms. 

We place value on the power of collective knowledge-sharingmentoring for greater impact, and providing mutual support and advice with respect & integrityWe recognise the power of generational wealth and seek to promote this sustainable way of thinking and living to the present and future generations, regardless of background

 As a collective, we seek to develop a network for knowledge-sharing and coaching that will support individual members’ life goals and ambitions. 

The content we produce is based on our expertise and specialist experience in key areas such as; career entry, development and progression in specific career and business pathways and that of guest industry speakers.


Lifestyle coaching

How to develop a lifestyle and implement actions that optimise performance professionally, socially and in other key areas of life by providing experiential content from ourselves and from other industry experts in these areas.

Career insight and guidance

Providing relevant arcane information on gaining entry into, developing and progression in specific, niche or high appeal careers paths such as medicine, dentistry and architecture based on our groups’ own knowledge, expertise and first hand experience in these career areas.

Business Development

Provide content and educational material on how to conceive, start, develop and grow a business based on the the businesses members of our team and specialist guest speakers we will invite in already successfully run.


Supporting community groups and charities who provide hope to future generations and reduce the gaps identified in society

The Team

Gabriel Ozique


A Managing Consultant for a London based Accountancy and Finance Search and Recruitment Firm consisting of a niche, high value professional network ranging from controller to board level developed since 2006.  He is a husband, father and fanatic cyclist with a passion for business development, sales and relationship building.  He has completed 2 property purchases including 3 year’s as a landlord.  His other interests include stock market investments for long term growth and an active involvement in community group leadership since 2012.

Pelumi Solaru

Group Member

An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.

Seun Gbolade

Founding Member

An architect and property investor, with a focus on sustainable developments. Leads an innovation team at a leading HA Developer and as director of Gbolade Design Studio he oversees the development of the business’ innovation projects both from a offsite design, construction and technology perspective. An amateur Stocks/Equities investor with long term exposure and interest in mainly Renewables, EV and IT / Software sectors.

Mawuena Dotse


With a substantial background in technology and architecture of platforms to support organisations, Mawuena brings with him the knowledge and expertise gathered whilst equipping organisations such as Financial, Marketing & Manufacturing entities to better serve their customers and furthermore protect them from fraud, positioning themselves in the optimum position to succeed.

Leke Oyedotun

Group Member

A General Practitioner. He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners UK and Royal College of Physicians Ireland, Fellow with the Royal Society of Public Health and Master in Public Administration Health Systems. He is the founding clinical lead of First5 Lincolnshire GPs. He has a passion for stock investment and enjoys investment theory having read widely and interned in a stock broking firm.

Martin Oguzie


Martin has over 20 years experience in eye care as an optometrist and starting several eye care businesses and becoming published. With experience in online business and Marketing, Martin heads up the creative direction of the Think Tank Collective.to ensure that the collective always have a range of creative ideas and ventures ideration and investment. Martin brings an extensive background in eyecare and business to the collective along with a keen passion for creative enterprise. 

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